With the growth in internet access and increasing popularity of mobile technologies, social media and cloud technologies, a wide range of digital applications have been implemented in the provision of public services. Governments are now digitally providing public services to citizens and businesses in an increasingly dynamic environment. E-Government solutions help the state, citizens and public-service enterprises have access to information and services as well as manage them. These solutions cover various interactions including the ones between state and citizen, state and enterprises, state and employees.

With its digital transformation services in public services and processes, Çalık Digital develops solutions in order to improve the quality of public services and the welfare of citizens who benefit from these services with an emphasis on operational efficiency on both local and national levels. In addition to transforming services into easy-to-use and rapid transactions, the fact that Big Data can be measured, managed and controlled helps to provide more effective and efficient services and to gain useful insights.

Digital transformation in public services requires redefining the interaction and cooperation between the state, its citizens and public services. Çalık Digital is an active business partner in digital transformation of public services thanks to its long-standing experience in health, energy and manufacturing industries, its strong international partnerships and its expertise in digital transformation. Çalık Digital aims to help the materialization of the digital future through the digital transformation strategy and software services it has been providing in public services.