Healthcare Facility Digitalization

Low Voltage, IT and Network Infrastructure for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Healthcare Facilities

Çalık Digital offers services that meet the hardware and infrastructure needs of stakeholders in the healthcare industry. It designs the network infrastructure of primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare facilities and offers end-to-end solutions in the healthcare facilities with the necessary hardware and software.

On Premise Data Center Deployment

Çalık Digital provides convenience to organizations in healthcare with its data center services. It ensures that the data is kept and used by implementing the related health software in the facilities belonging to health organizations.

Cyber Security

Operational Technologies (OT) Cyber ​​Security solution for healthcare has been developed to ensure the security of healthcare services, reduce risks and eliminate threats. This solution provides the security of hospitals, departments and patients by preventing fraud, while identifying risks of security breaches caused by the use of old school technologies and taking precautions against these risks, updating ineffective security measures, programming security systems and managing them effectively.