Consultancy Services

National Healthcare Transformation Strategy Development

Çalık Digital helps to develop the digitization strategy of the transforming healthcare sector. We provide consultancy services in determining the healthcare strategies of nations and create digital transformation roadmap.

e-Health Strategy Development

The e-Healthcare Strategy Development service is focused on developing strategies for the interaction between all primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare institutions and their suppliers, patients and institutions such as the Ministry of Health. The main focus of the e-Health Strategy Development service is to provide a “patient-centered” environment in the coordination of healthcare services as well as to provide improved results, greater efficiency, higher levels of transparency, and ease of access while maintaining confidentiality and security.

Centralized Electronic Medical Records

Centralized Electronic Medical Records is defined as any information recorded, stored, transmitted, accessed, correlated and processed using electronic systems related to the past, present and future physical and mental health or diseases. These records are data that ensures that all information about the patient is collected on computer and used when necessary.

National Health Standards

Along with National Health Standards, clinical and patient safety systems can share an integrated information infrastructure to meet the needs of comprehensive data collection and reporting and reuse of collected data in a more efficient way. Today, there are many e-Healthcare standards and almost every year new standards (or revisions of existing ones) are being introduced. Healthcare standards range from healthcare text messaging standards such as HL7, CDA, DICOM, IHE to basic terminologies and coding systems such as ICD-10, LOINC, SNOMED, ​​ATC, CPT-4.

Healthcare Knowledgebase and Data Dictionary

Healthcare Knowledgebase and Data Dictionary is a data system of records that health institutions keep in information systems and transmits data electronically to other places. Thanks to this system, all parties (producing, using, requesting data) have the ability to analyze the data and learn the intended use. With the standardization of information systems, the differences between systems decrease and become compatible with each other. Differences in diagnosis and treatments can also be eliminated with this healthcare solution.

Healthcare Business Intelligence and Analytics

The Healthcare Services Analytics solution enables execution of comprehensive analytics and quantification of checkpoints such as hospitals, primary healthcare providers, laboratories, pharmacies and pharmaceutical distributors. Healthcare Services Analytics enables different institutions to gain insight into their performances and, from a broader perspective, helps the Ministry of Health to develop a strategy for building up a high-performance healthcare system.