Today, healthcare reforms and simultaneous digital transformation are of particular concern to all related parties including departments, managers and solution providers in the healthcare sector as well as those who provide and benefit from healthcare services.

Within the scope of Industry 4.0, the healthcare industry is undergoing a paradigm shift across the healthcare value chain extending from manufacturing process to the production line, from hospital management to patient care quality, from pharmacy information systems to pharmaceutical track&trace and management. Scientific advances and technology in healthcare have shown that safe and efficient communication between different departments and integrated system solution requirements through rapid and user-friendly applications are crucially important.

Çalık Digital’s goal is to be one of the leading solution providers in the digital transformation of the healthcare sector with its turnkey software, hardware and consultancy solutions for public and private healthcare institutions. It offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services that can be implemented in short term, medium term and long term thanks to the global partners in its business ecosystem and its experienced team members.

The perception of quality in public healthcare services changes with the introduction of e-healthcare services. Digital transformation in healthcare not only optimizes administrative and operational processes but also includes innovative solutions for the provision, follow-up and implementation of preventive and therapeutic healthcare services. Increase in efficiency through electronic processes and applications is one of the most important factors that enhance total quality in healthcare.

Çalık Digital has the capability to cover the entire value chain via its Digital Transformation Consultancy service and aims to turn the process into a highly efficient, effective, reliable and cost-effective one. As a reliable solution partner in digital transformation in healthcare and e-healthcare applications, it materializes the solutions that will provide value added to public and private healthcare institutions.