Digital transformation in energy business enhances the security, productivity, accessibility and sustainability of power generation and distribution companies. In the future, Industry 4.0 applications and tools will change not only the companies that generate and distribute power, but also the habits of many parties ranging from large-scale industrial plants to individual households, and they will ensure that energy systems are smart, efficient, reliable and sustainable. Digital transformation in energy requires practices that enhance security, productivity, accessibility and sustainability at each step.

Çalık Digital, together with its digital transformation solutions in energy business, aims to handle the generation, transmission, management and consumption of energy with a body of practices that are secure, consumer-friendly, efficient and eco-friendly. In addition to the applications that can seamlessly be integrated into the existing systems, it also aims to add value to the sustainable future in many areas ranging from power plants to public services, from hybrid generation facilities to big conglomerates with the implementation of strategic solutions that coordinate operations and improve resource utilization.

With its experienced team members who are experts in designing, constructing and maintaining energy generation, transmission and distribution systems as well as its strategic partnerships, Çalık Digital will surely utilize the opportunities in digital transformation of energy business using the comprehensive, powerful and reliable ecosystem that consists of internationally acclaimed hardware manufacturers, software companies and infrastructure solution providers. By presenting proactive approaches to efficiency and sustainability through energy-oriented digital transformation consulting services and software solutions, Çalık Digital enhances the digital capabilities of its business partners and helps the energy sector implement the crucially important adjustments in line with the vision of Industry 4.0.