Company Profile

Çalık Digital has been established to structure the digital transformation in manufacturing and operations, to develop new business models and manners of work, and to provide consultancy services with an emphasis on the digital transformation of institutions and organizations through strategic Industry 4.0 applications.

Having started its operations as the seventh business unit of Çalık Holding in early 2018, Çalık Digital develops innovative and competitive products and services as to solve the challenging problems faced during the digital transformation of critical sectors including healthcare, energy, manufacturing industries and public sector.

In addition to the optimal use of technologies, digital transformation requires a set of practices that determine operational efficiency, management functions and public welfare. Institutions and organizations will add to their skills and capabilities thanks to the digital transformation vision they already have or will soon create, and will adapt themselves to the future of the industry with innovative business models and manners of work.

Çalık Digital is positioned as a Digital Transformation Business Partner that implements projects in various disciplines including Internet of Things, data science, digital twin, cyber security as well as sector-specific software and IT infrastructure projects in a diversified geographical area with its local and global partnerships, established within a talented and reliable ecosystem, including its strategic business partner GE Digital.

With the implementation of digital transformation projects, the issue of industrial cyber security has become one of the most important concerns for companies. Çalık Digital, together with its business partner GE, is positioned as one of the leading solution providers in the sector with its solutions and services.

Çalık Digital, who has been in close contact with the industrial corporations in Turkey within the framework of digital transformation consulting services, develops innovative and competitive products in order to become a significant partner in the digitalization of the manufacturing industry.