Çalık Holding

Çalık Holding was founded in 1981 by Ahmet Çalık and is actively engaged in a variety of sectors including energy, construction and real estate, mining, textile, finance, telecommunications and digital business. The group is active in 20+ countries located in Central Asia, the Balkans and MENA region with more than 15,000 employees.

Çalık Holding is a leading player in many industries with its group companies including Çalık Enerji in energy business; Çalık Petrol in hydrocarbon exploration business; YEDAŞ, YEPAŞ, KEDS (in partnership with Limak Group), ARAS EDAŞ and ARAS EPAŞ (both in partnership with Kiler Group) in power distribution; Lidya Madencilik in mining; Gap İnşaat and Çalık Gayrimenkul in construction industry; Aktif Bank, BKT (Banka Kombetare Tregtare) Albania and BKT Kosovo in finance; Çalık Denim and Gap Pazarlama in textile business; Albtelecom in telecommunications and Çalık Digital in digital business.

Çalık Holding, who is well-known for its reputation, reliability, strong financial standing and long term cooperation with international companies in various regions of the world, develops innovative business models and makes progress via sustainable growth in its business areas of focus. Moving on with the principle of creating lasting values in every geographical area of focus, Çalık Holding is working on digitalization and adapts its business processes, services and products accordingly thanks to the new opportunities provided by Industry 4.0.

Çalık Group in Figures

Number of employees : 15,000+.
Operations in 20+ countries.
Group companies in 7 different sectors.

Group Companies

Çalık Energy: https://www.calik.com/tr/sektorler/enerji-sektoru/calik-enerji

YEDAŞ: https://www.calik.com/tr/sektorler/enerji-sektoru/yedas

YEPAŞ: https://www.calik.com/tr/sektorler/enerji-sektoru/yepas

KEDS: https://www.calik.com/tr/sektorler/enerji-sektoru/keds

ARAS EDAŞ: https://www.calik.com/tr/sektorler/enerji-sektoru/aras-edas

ARAS EPAŞ: https://www.calik.com/tr/sektorler/enerji-sektoru/aras-epas

GAP Construction: https://www.calik.com/tr/sektorler/insaat-sektoru/gap-insaat

Lidya Mining: https://www.calik.com/tr/sektorler/madencilik-sektoru/lidya-madencilik

Çalık Denim: https://www.calik.com/tr/sektorler/tr/sektorler/tekstil-sektoru/calik-denim

GAP Pazarlama: https://www.calik.com/tr/sektorler/tekstil-sektoru/gap-pazarlama

Aktif Bank: https://www.calik.com/tr/sektorler/finans-sektoru/aktif-bank

BKT Albania: https://www.calik.com/tr/sektorler/finans-sektoru/bkt-arnavutluk

BKT Kosovo: https://www.calik.com/tr/sektorler/finans-sektoru/bkt-kosova

ALB Telecom: https://www.calik.com/tr/sektorler/telekom-sektoru/albtelecom